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5 screen-free ideas to fix bored kids these holidays!

Mum’s generally dread holiday boredom so we’ve got together a few ideas to prevent cabin fever these holidays!

  1. Create a City!  If its not an outside sort of day, clear the table and use whatever you have to hand to create a miniature city – Lego, Duplo, Building blocks, cardboard cereal boxes from the recycling bin. Don’t forget a park, a school, police station….get the kids thinking about what their surroundings actually consist of. A whole city is always much more fun than just a single tower and uses up a little bit more time and creative energy too!
  2. Gardening… dont groan, we don’t mean ordering a truck load of soil and supplies...just a few old jars, paper towel and bean seeds. They can water and check and sketch progress of their bean every day. Dont forget to pre-soak the seed to speed things up. Check out this download link.
  3. Cook dinner! When choc chip cookies and rice bubble slice have been thrashed, ask the kids what their absolute favourite home cooked meal is, gather together or purchase ingredients and allow plenty of time for tea to reach the table a little slower than usual. The best bit is, tea will be sorted that night!
  4. Plan a garage sale… feel like the wardrobes are a little overstuffed and there’s plenty of things that could be moved on? Enlist the kids as your helps with a promise of a share in the profit. Small scale garage sales are easier to manage –  kids could design and distribute flyers in local letterboxes and mum can post a notice on Facebook.  Check out these tips from Keter.
  5. Enough screen, time for some outdoors? Why not install an attractive shed that doubles as a cubby house? Let their imaginations take over as they role play ‘house’ or ‘shops’. Our gorgeous looking sheds look the part with gabled roofs, textured wall panels and windows, just like a real ‘outdoor home’ for the kids. Once the holidays are over the shed can be used as a shed! Constructed from UV stabilised polypropylene with steel reinforced panels these high quality KETER sheds stand the test of all weather (except natural disasters of course!) , an astounding 165/kg weight per cubic metre and the battering of children! These sheds are very straight forward to build with common household tools, get the kids to help you out following instructions and passing pieces and tools. The Bellevue boasts a classic look, the Oakland 7511 is a sleek and stylish option concealing a very strong structure, or  the Factor 6 x 3 for smaller backyards.

Plan ahead these holidays so you’re not driven up the wall!